The Hunt by Student Media

Print booklets available

Ready to get going on your way to $1,000 (or up to 4 Kindles), and like getting ink on your hands, too?

Stop by the Office of Student Media on the bottom of Student Union Building II today to pick up a print copy of The Hunt Booklet. They’re available for pick-up here until 5 p.m.

If you don’t grab one today (Friday), you’ll be able to pick one up on Hunt Day tomorrow (Saturday!).

The Booklet is necessary to play the game. In it are rules about The Hunt, the Hunt Map you’ll use to traverse the campus and more. You’ll need to know what’s inside in order to solve one of the puzzles (the rules, the ads…everything!).

(The PDF version is also available for download).


Prizes, prizes, prizes!


Check out the above video with Executive Editor Kevin Loker announcing the big news:

  • If you’re a student and your student team wins The Hunt, your team gets $1,000.
  • If your team is made up of other members of the Mason community, you can win up to four Kindles.

Pretty sweet, right?

Keep an eye out for more news on other things you can win during The Hunt. Right now, it’s time to start forming your teams and tell your friends you’ll be there on Hunt Day (Saturday, Sept. 3).

Here’s a recap of who can participate:

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate (family and friends are more than welcome!), but only Mason students, staff, faculty or alumni are eligible to win prizes.

Individuals may participate alone or participants may form teams to compete.

  • There are two kinds of teams that can be formed: Student Teams (must be all students) or Mason Community Teams (can be all alumni, faculty or staff, or a mixture of students, alumni, faculty and staff)
  • There is no limit to how many individuals can be on one team

Teams who are competing must choose one member to be their team’s representative. The team representative will be required to have their Mason ID or alumni card to present at the end of The Hunt. (Alumni should pick up their Alumni Association Member card Monday through Friday from the Office of Alumni Affairs. You can also bring your old student ID).

Prizes will be awarded to the designated team representative, who will decide with his or her team members how to allocate it among the team. George Mason University, Student Media and Connect2Mason are not responsible for how the award is allocated or for any personal conflicts that arise from this process; once the prize is awarded to the team representative, it is his or her responsibility.