The Hunt by Student Media

Merten To Kick Off The Hunt

Want to know a secret?

The President has agreed to kick off our event!


Hold on a second.

Don’t get your hunt shoes all in a twist. The President we’re talking about is none other than President Merten himself!

While you’re enjoying some yummies and swag at the event kickoff location, make sure to keep an eye on the Southside balcony around noon for some top secret information–the puzzle coordinates!

Why? Because you can’t hunt when you don’t know where you’re hunting, that’s why!

Hunt Teams! Assemble!

Prizes?  Videos?  Free Breakfast?  Getting overwhelmed just thinking about all the exciting adventures The Hunt has in store?

Enough with all the questions!  Let’s talk about how you can get a leg up on the competition (or at least a pinky toe).

Form a team
Best strategy?  Find friends who are good at math (or at least rule a puzzle of Sudoku).  If that doesn’t work, your regular friends will do.

Teams can be as big or small as you’d like, just remember–you have to split $1000 among all members.  Bummer.

Registration (optional)
Once you’ve formed your super team, head on over to the Register your team link and fill out the registration form.  If RSVP-ing isn’t your style, don’t worry–you’re always welcome at our party.

Submit a team photo
If math isn’t your strong suit, try something with more of a right-side-of-the-brain twist.  Get your creative juices flowing and snap a pic for us.  The team with the most creative photo wins a free meal in the Southside Blackstone Room for up to 8 members.  Fancy, huh?

Submitted photos will be featured on both The Hunt website and the Connect2Mason Facebook page.

Submissions open until September 2 at 5 p.m.
Haven’t heard about our prizes yet?  Click here.
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Dean Andrew Flagel Talks about The Hunt

Oh no he didn’t!

University Dean of Admissions Andrew Flagel has a message for you and believe us, it’s not so sweet.

See what other threats Dean Flagel can dish on his Twitter page and while you’re at it, follow The Hunt for all the latest info on what’s going down September 3 from 12 to 3pm.

Click here to learn about the prizes you can win.
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