The Hunt by Student Media

How to Hunt

When you go on a hunting trip, you want to make sure you’ve got a rifle. Forgetting the basics isn’t fun, and this page is here to make sure nothing like that happens to you on Hunt Day, September 3.

Here’s How to Hunt:

  • Form your team
    Sometimes two (or three or four or nine) heads are better than one. All students, faculty, staff and alumni who are participating in The Hunt are encouraged to form a team to complete the game.
  • Get Supply Item #1: Announcements
    Some say the key to success is preparation.  That might be true, and for our purposes, let’s say it is.  (Keep in mind, someone smart probably said it first). 

    Keep checking for announcements to stay on top of your game.

  • Get Supply Item #2: The Hunt Booklet
    The key to everything is The Hunt Booklet. 

    The booklet will contain The Hunt rules of play and a map you’ll use to find the “Hunt Spots” on and around Mason’s Fairfax campus and nearby businesses. Participants will use their map to travel to the designated Hunt Spots and solve puzzles there, using clues found in their Hunt booklet. The answer to each Hunt Spot puzzle, and the last puzzle, leads to a grand prize.

    The coordinates of the Hunt Spots will be announced at the start of The Hunt.

    Keep an eye out for The Hunt Booklet during Welcome Week.  When the date gets closer, it’ll also be available online for download. Every team should have one copy.

  • Get Supply Item #3: Yummies n’ Swag
    Come early and get your grub on with Mason Dining.  The first 225 to arrive will not only satisfy their hunger cravings, but they will get a Hunt t-shirt in case some spillage happens.  (Don’t worry, we won’t tell).
  • Get Supply Item #4: The Hunt Puzzle Pieces
    At the start of The Hunt, participants will be given a bag containing puzzle pieces.Remember, anything you’re handed could be a clue to help you solve a puzzle.  You have to use your noggin to connect the dots…to see how the ‘pieces’ are coming together. 

    Get it? No? Okay.

  • Get Supply Item #5: Prizes
    Okay, so maybe it’s not a “supply” per se, but it sure does get your motor runnin’, right?  Stay tuned for announcements revealing prizes.  Trust us, it’s gonna be big. 

    (You’re going to want to get them for sure).

As we get closer, we’ll tell you more specifics.

One other good thing to do right now: let people know you’re coming on Facebook. Invite your friends, and remember—The Hunt is open to Mason students, faculty, staff and alumni.